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Our Services

Listed below are a few of the consulting services offered by MedTrust.


Please email: to hear more about these and other services we offer.


  • Coding Service
    • Coding Hotline—coding and billing answers by phone, fax or email             Coding—individual cases or on-going coding services by credentialed coders
  • Office EfficiencyAssessment of office procedures, patient scheduling, office lay-out and practice flow. 

  • Fee Schedule Review Analysis of current fee schedule 

  • Performance measurement--using practice management reports to assess and compare the practice to national benchmarks. 
  • Policy & Procedure Development for all aspects of office management including human resource activities.

Medical Billing


With our vast knowledge of medical billing and coding, we can ensure that you are receiving accurate, allowable, and timely reimbursement for your services.


Our Corporate Compliance Plan allows for on-going audits and assessment of your practice billing and coding activities.


As customer service is our primary focus, we provide a "no-cause" cancellation agreement should you not be fully satisfied with our service.


Please see the "Why Outsource" document for an analysis of beneftis associated with our billing services. 

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Chart Review Services



EVALUATION & MANAGEMENT (E&M) AUDITS provide an assessment of the provider’s documentation and accuracy of E&M coding. The evaluation will determine over coding, under coding, insufficient documentation, incorrect category selection (new, established, consult, etc.) and an overall compliance rate. 


The preferred method is to review records prior to submission to the insurance company so corrected levels/category (if applicable) can be submitted to avoid overpayments and appeals for underpayments. Contracting through an attorney is recommended to protect findings.  

  • The records can be reviewed via EMR, faxed, mailed or onsite. 

  • Charts should be randomly selected from a variety of payers, dates of service, types of service (new, established, consultations); post payment or pre-payment (prior to submission to insurance). 

  • One date of service per patient to include the following: dictation/progress notes, history form, note sheets, problem lists (any form used to gather medical information) and the billing information showing the codes submitted. 


SURGICAL/PROCEDURE AUDITS-The review of procedure or surgical notes will assess accurate coding and documentation as well as the accuracy of modifiers and whether the coding included bundling errors. “Bundling” edits are used by payers to identify over-coding and submission of codes that are components or mutually exclusive and should not be submitted for the same session.



This review will analyze the current financial reports and payments/denials to determine if the practice is using an accurate fee schedule, coding/billing correctly, working denials and capturing patient balances. Benchmarks’ using financial reports is the first step of the review followed by an onsite review of the payment/denials files and interviews with billing staff along with review of coding/billing policies and procedures A final report will be provided with detail of the findings, national benchmark comparisons and specific recommendations for changes that may be indicated.  The review will include the following:  

  • Review financial reports and compare to national benchmarks to assess the practice Adjustment ratio
  • Review payment and denials explanation of benefits for accurate posting, patient billing and follow up.
  • Review forms, charts, policies/procedures relating to the billing & collection process
  • Assess billing department knowledge and skill based on denial and follow up.


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